Foreclosures in San Angelo, TX

31 07 2008

Today I went down to the courthouse to see the foreclosure postings for the August 5th sale. There were 25 postings, but not all of those will actually make it to the sale. I have been doing research in the foreclosure in San Angelo for almost five years. In times past, there have been up 40 per month, but not this year. Thank goodness the numbers have been down, despite housing/mortgage trouble around the country. September’s sale already had 12 postings, but they are not due in until August 12th.

Some of the addresses I had recognized from MLS. Others had probably not tried to sell at all. In that situation, as traumatic as it is, homeowners really need to stay in close contact with their mortgage company. I can only imagine how difficult that is, but it really can help. Not only can they set up payment plans, they can also discuss a Short Sale. This is where the mortgage company agrees to accept less than is owed in the sale of the home.

I will definately have more posts on this subject!
In the mean time, if you or anyone you know needs foreclosure information; I will always be willing to help out. My Contact Info




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