San Angelo Real Estate After the Financial Crisis and Bailout

30 09 2008

In the past week homes have been selling in San Angelo. Since Monday, September 22nd there have been 18 closings on homes in San Angelo. These homes have ranged in price from $22,000 to $665,000. The average price was $169,899 and the average days on market was 125 days. One of the homes was on the MLS for almost two years, so this scewed that number a bit. As a whole there is still quite a bit of activity out there.

The financial crisis will definitely have an effect on our economy, but I do not believe it will be as drastic as some are saying. Our country has faced many challenges over the years and I believe this one will only makes us stronger. Hopefully, new policies will guide us to not go down these same roads again.

The foreclosures are going up in San Angelo but there are programs being put in places to help many of these homeowners. Real Estate investors are now starting to move on homes that have not sold and first time homeowners are beginning to take advantage of the $7500 tax refund.

If you have any general or specific real estate questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Ryan Newlin 325-277-2828




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