San Angelo Real Estate – November Election

30 10 2008

With the election coming uo next week I know many of you are eagarlly awaiting to see what happens with economy. In the past few days interest rates have been dropping, which has spurred a boost in the Markets around the world. I have been closely watching Mortgage rates to see how they will react.

On a more local level, San Angelo has had quite a bit of activity over the last month. The number of homes on MLS has been increasing and this is giving qualified buyers more to choose from. Banks are still funding loans and there are a few that are making in house loans. This means that they will service your loan and not sell it to the seconday market. Your payments will be made to a San Angelo address. Qualifying is an easier process as well. If you would like informatioin on where to obtain an “in-house” loan, please email me.

According to MLS there have been 80 closings in San Angelo in the past month. The average sales price has been over $136,000. These homes have sold in less than 3 months on average. If you would like more specific numbers for your area of town, you can always visit my website. I can simply send you a Market Report by email or you can come in the office and we can go through them together. By looking at photos from other properties that have sold you can get a better feel of what your home is worth.

Please feel free to contact me for all of your real estate needs. Even if you are not looking to sell at this time and thinking of doing some remodeling, my Dad and I would be glad to help with any questions.

Also, if you have friends of family that are buying or selling in another city or state; we can hand pick them an agent that can give them the same local service we are accustom to in San Angelo.

Don’t Forget To Vote!!




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