San Angelo Saving Tips

10 11 2008

Emigrant HatHave you started saving and before you knew it, the money was gone? Or, have you put money in a savings account and earned less than $1 in a years time? If so, EMIGRANT DIRECT is for you!

I have had my Emigrant account for 4-5 years now. They have great security, great rates, and speedy transfers. There is not even a minimum deposit. Right now there interest rate is 3%. They had 5.25% in the past, but the economy has driven it down. This is still the best you can find with no minimum deposit and no set length of time. They are now offering a 16 month CD at 4%. I am debating to start one up, but I am still weary with the baby coming in Feb. If you have any questions just get in touch.




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