Filing for Homestead Exemption in San Angelo, TX

7 11 2012

From the Desk of Ryan Newlin

Now that we are nearing 2013, there are a couple of things I would like to share with you.

You will need to file for your HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION before April 2013. This will help keep your property taxes as low as possible. Filing the exemption has become more complicated this year. They now REQUIRE a Drivers License
WITH your new address and your Vehicle Registration WITH your new address.

DRIVERS LICENSE – Change of Address
    Online –
    In Person -DMV, Drivers License Division 
1600 Loop 306, San Angelo, TX 76904
(325) 223-6903

You will need to call, give them you license plate number and new address. You will have to wait     48 hours for processing. Then go down in person to get a print out. This costs $2.00.

    113 West Beauregard (in the old library)
    San Angelo, Texas 76903
    (325) 659-6529


As always, please give me a call if you need help with anything. I am looking forward to a busy 2013, but will always have time to help your friends and family!


You can refer back if you don’t get around to your taxes until April… File your Homestead BEFORE April!

Let me know if you need this again…

I have also included some links that I thought were interesting.

!0 Apps that will save you Money this Christmas


Ryan Newlin







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